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Asm::In Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addincludedir (const std::string &dirname)
void addpredef (const std::string &predef)
void autolocal ()
void bracketonly ()
void caseinsensitive ()
std::string cpcbasicloader ()
int currentpass () const
void dumppublic (std::ostream &out)
void dumpsymbol (std::ostream &out)
void emitamsdos (std::ostream &out)
void emitcdt (std::ostream &out)
void emitcdtbas (std::ostream &out)
void emitcmd (std::ostream &out)
void emithex (std::ostream &out)
void emitmsx (std::ostream &out)
void emitobject (std::ostream &out)
void emitplus3dos (std::ostream &out)
void emitprl (std::ostream &out)
void emittap (std::ostream &out)
void emittapbas (std::ostream &out)
void emittzx (std::ostream &out)
void emittzxbas (std::ostream &out)
void errtostdout ()
address getcodesize () const
size_t getline () const
 In (const Asm::In &in)
void loadfile (const std::string &filename, bool nocase, std::ostream &outverb, std::ostream &outerr)
void loadfile (const std::string &filename)
void message_emit (const std::string &type)
void processfile ()
void set86 ()
void setbase (unsigned int addr)
void setdebugtype (DebugType type)
void setheadername (const std::string &headername_n)
std::string spectrumbasicloader ()
void verbose ()
void warn8080 ()
void writebincode (std::ostream &out)
void writecdtcode (std::ostream &out)
void writetzxcode (std::ostream &out)

Protected Member Functions

void beginline ()
Tokenizergetcurrentline ()
const std::string & getcurrenttext () const
bool getvalidline ()
bool nextline ()
void openis (std::ifstream &is, const std::string &filename, std::ios::openmode mode) const
bool passeof () const
void prevline ()
void setendline ()
void setline (size_t line)
void showcurrentlineinfo (std::ostream &os) const
void showlineinfo (std::ostream &os, size_t nline) const

Private Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
typedef pasmo_impl::mapvar_t mapvar_t
typedef std::set< std::string > setpublic_t

Private Member Functions

void checkautolocal (const std::string &varname)
void checkendline (Tokenizer &tz)
void dobit (Tokenizer &tz, byte basecode, std::string instrname)
void dobyteinmediate (Tokenizer &tz, byte code, const std::string &instrname, byte prefix=NoPrefix)
void dobyteparam (Tokenizer &tz, TypeByteInst ti)
void dobyteparamCB (Tokenizer &tz, byte codereg, const std::string &instrname)
void dopass ()
void emitwarning (const std::string &text)
AutoLevelenterautolocal ()
void expandMACRO (const std::string &name, Macro macro, Tokenizer &tz)
void expectA (Tokenizer &tz)
void expectC (Tokenizer &tz)
void expectclose (Tokenizer &tz)
void expectcloseindir (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void expectcomma (Tokenizer &tz)
void finishautolocal ()
void gencode (byte code1, byte code2, byte code3)
void gencode (byte code1, byte code2)
void gencode (byte code1, byte code2, byte code3, byte code4)
void gencode (byte code)
void gencodeED (byte code)
void gencodeword (address value)
void gendata (byte data)
void gendataword (address dataword)
std::string genlocalname ()
Macrogetmacro (const std::string &name)
pasmo_impl::MacroFrameBasegetmframe () const
address getvalue (const std::string &var, bool required, bool ignored)
bool gotoENDM ()
void initlocal ()
bool isautolocalname (const std::string &name)
bool isdefined (const std::string &varname)
void no8080 ()
void no86 ()
void operator= (const Asm::In &)
void parse_ERROR (Tokenizer &tz)
void parse_WARNING (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseADC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseADD (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseADDADCSBCHL (Tokenizer &tz, byte prefix, byte basecode)
void parseAND (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseand (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parsebase (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseBIT (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsebooland (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseboolor (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
bool parsebyteparam (Tokenizer &tz, TypeToken tt, regbCode &regcode, byte &prefix, bool &hasdesp, byte &desp, byte prevprefix=NoPrefix)
void parseCALL (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsecond (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseCP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseDEC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseDEFB (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseDEFL (Tokenizer &tz, const std::string &label)
void parseDEFS (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseDEFW (Tokenizer &tz)
byte parsedesp (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseDJNZ (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseELSE (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseEND (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseENDIF (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseEndOfInclude (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseENDP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseEQU (Tokenizer &tz, const std::string &label)
void parseEX (Tokenizer &tz)
address parseexpr (bool required, const Token &tok, Tokenizer &tz)
void parsegeneric (Tokenizer &tz, Token tok)
void parsehighlow (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseIF (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseIM (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseIN (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseINC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseINCBIN (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseINCDEC (Tokenizer &tz, bool isINC)
void parseINCDECdouble (Tokenizer &tz, bool isINC, regwCode reg, byte prefix=NoPrefix)
void parseINCDECsimple (Tokenizer &tz, bool isINC, regbCode reg, byte prefix=NoPrefix, bool hasdesp=false, byte desp=0)
void parseINCLUDE (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseIRP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseJP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseJP_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseJR (Tokenizer &tz)
void parselabel (Tokenizer &tz, const std::string &name)
void parseLD (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseLD_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseLD_IrPlus (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket, byte prefix)
void parseLD_nn_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseLDA (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseLDA_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseLDA_IrPlus_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket, byte prefix)
void parseLDA_nn_ (Tokenizer &tz, bool bracket)
void parseLDAr (regbCode rb)
void parseLDdouble (Tokenizer &tz, regwCode regcode, byte prefix=NoPrefix)
void parseLDdouble_nn_ (Tokenizer &tz, regwCode regcode, bool bracket, byte prefix=NoPrefix)
void parseLDdoublenn (Tokenizer &tz, regwCode regcode, byte prefix=NoPrefix)
void parseLDIorR (Tokenizer &tz, byte code)
void parseLDsimple (Tokenizer &tz, regbCode regcode, byte prevprefix=NoPrefix)
void parseLDsimplen (Tokenizer &tz, regbCode regcode, byte prevprefix=NoPrefix)
void parseLDSP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseline (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseLOCAL (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseMACRO (Tokenizer &tz, const std::string &name, bool needcomma)
void parsemuldiv (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parsenot (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseopen (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
bool parseopenindir (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseOR (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseORG (Tokenizer &tz, const std::string &label=std::string())
void parseorxor (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseOUT (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseplusmin (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parsePOP (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsePROC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsePUBLIC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsePUSH (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsePUSHPOP (Tokenizer &tz, bool isPUSH)
void parserelative (Tokenizer &tz, Token tok, byte code, const std::string instrname)
void parserelops (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseREPT (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRES (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRET (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRL (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRLC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRR (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRRC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseRST (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSBC (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSET (Tokenizer &tz)
bool parsesimple (Tokenizer &tz, Token tok)
void parseSLA (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSLL (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSRA (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSRL (Tokenizer &tz)
void parseSUB (Tokenizer &tz)
void parsevalue (Tokenizer &tz, address &result, bool required, bool ignored)
void parseXOR (Tokenizer &tz)
bool setdefl (const std::string &name, address value)
void setentrypoint (address addr)
bool setequorlabel (const std::string &name, address value)
void setlabel (const std::string &name)
void setmframe (pasmo_impl::MacroFrameBase *pnew)
bool setvar (const std::string &varname, address value, Defined defined)
void showcode (const std::string &instruction)

Private Attributes

bool autolocalmode
address base
bool bracketonlymode
address current
address currentinstruction
DebugType debugtype
address entrypoint
bool firstcode
GenCodeMode genmode
bool hasentrypoint
std::string headername
size_t iflevel
size_t localcount
LocalStack localstack
mapmacro_t mapmacro
mapvar_t mapvar
address maxused
byte mem [65536]
address minused
bool mode86
bool nocase
Nullostream nullout
int pass
std::ostream * perr
std::ostream * pout
std::ostream * pverb
std::ostream * pwarn
setpublic_t setpublic
bool warn8080mode


class pasmo_impl::LocalLevel
class pasmo_impl::MacroFrameBase

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