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// asm.h
// Revision 21-dec-2004

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <deque>

class Asm {
      Asm ();

      // This is not a copy constructor, it creates a new
      // instance copying only the options.
      //explicit Asm (const Asm & a);

      ~Asm ();

      void verbose ();
      enum DebugType { NoDebug, DebugSecondPass, DebugAll };
      DebugType debugtype;
      void setdebugtype (DebugType type);
      void errtostdout ();
      void setbase (unsigned int addr);
      void caseinsensitive ();
      void autolocal ();
      void bracketonly ();
      void warn8080 ();
      void set86 ();

      void addincludedir (const std::string & dirname);
      void addpredef (const std::string & predef);
      void setheadername (const std::string & headername_n);

      void loadfile (const std::string & filename);
      void processfile ();

      void emitobject (std::ostream & out);
      void emitplus3dos (std::ostream & out);

      void emittap (std::ostream & out);
      void emittzx (std::ostream & out);
      void emitcdt (std::ostream & out);

      void emittapbas (std::ostream & out);
      void emittzxbas (std::ostream & out);
      void emitcdtbas (std::ostream & out);

      void emithex (std::ostream & out);
      void emitamsdos (std::ostream & out);

      void emitprl (std::ostream & out);
      void emitcmd (std::ostream & out);

      void emitmsx (std::ostream & out);
      void dumppublic (std::ostream & out);
      void dumpsymbol (std::ostream & out);
      Asm (const Asm & a); // Forbidden
      void operator = (const Asm &); // Forbidden
      // Make it public to simplify implementation.
      class In;
      friend class In;
      In * pin;

// End of asm.h

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